Far beyond a task manager

It's simple. You make a lot more. Your team gets faster. The results appear.

Why use zehnk?

Are you always putting out fires and time is never enough to complete the tasks?
Zehnk is an simple and flexible software that will make your work and team more productive.


How can we solve your problem?

Tela de exemplo do sistema Zehnk

Do not know what the team is doing?

Keep up with your team activities visually and in real time.

Do you waste your time trying to find e-mails and files?

Work with documents, tasks, and conversations in one place.

Do you waste a lot of time organizing activities and managing your team?

Follow the projects from start to finish on a single screen.

Do you feel insecure if the activies in your company are going well?

Go along with the progress and status of the projects and take time to react before the problem happens

Who is already restful and producing more!

 Zehnk is the guide to reach our goals along the week. 

Matheus Carraro - Must Bauru

  Immediately I realized that the tool concept was aligned with the IT department's requirement, where new needs and activities appear at all times.  

Bruno Diniz Guimarães - Gerente de TI TIISA | Infraestrutura e Investimentos S.A.

  I am very proud. The main gain I have is that I can give quick answers about any subject, making unnecessary to have to stop the activity that the group as a whole is doing. I can follow the discussions and evoluciones. Is being a success!  

Rafael Toledo - Gerente Comercial | Betim Química

  Finally I found a tool that supplly to everything I need, and this tool is Zehnk.  

Éverton Bueno Lima - Queiroz & Bueno


E: team@zehnk.com